Top 5 reasons to choose SpeEdLabs App

January 23, 2023

Students today are more inclined to use their smart phones for all purposes as a result of the changing times. A student has access to any information from anywhere in the world, putting the entire world at their fingertips. This lessens the chances of going to a library and searching for the data. Teachers and parents are really worried about this and wonder if it will negatively impact their children’s academic performance. However, the development of educational apps proved to be beneficial.

There are many apps available in the play store or app store, but choosing the right one can change your child’s perspective on learning. The use of the SpeEdLabs Hybrid Learning App makes things easier for children to understand. Children often find books to be tiring and boring, whereas colourful pages and moving animations can make learning much more enjoyable.

Why do Students choose the SpeEdLabs App?

  • Effective Parent-Teacher  Communication

Regular parent-teacher communication is not actually necessary for performance improvement, despite the ideal notion. It may be difficult for both parties to develop a relationship through physical interactions because they are both usually busy. However, thanks to the SpeEdLabs App, teachers may now respond to parents’ questions wherever they are, at any time, providing transparency to the child’s learning development.

  • Access to Better Learning Resources

While libraries are incredibly beneficial to students, using a smartphone provides ongoing access to educational resources. Simply revising particular lessons on the SpeEdLabs App through extensive Video Solutions can be much easier for students than carrying heavy books to school. A normal smartphone will have enough storage to hold the same amount of information as a small personal library.

One of the best things about the SpeEdLabs App is that they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. In this way, students can check out something as soon as it pops into their heads.

  • 24/7 Availability

The SpeEdLabs App is accessible 24/7, unlike schools. There is no need for a timetable because an online classroom may be found anywhere at any time. Additionally, the learning using the app is not time-based but rather relaxing.

The majority of the apps promote child-friendly controls. In order for children to learn effectively, they should only use the device when they feel the need. It is easy to operate even for small children.

  •  Concept-Based Learning

The “Concept Builder” Feature on the SpeEdLabs App has concept- based videos which will be accessible to students after they select the specific chapter in which they think their concept is weak and needs to be clarified. The feature allows one to understand their level of concept clarity and guide them properly using videos and hacks. By using this feature on the app, candidates can analyse their weakest areas and devote more time to them. By doing this, they will be able to overcome their fear of weakness and gain a great deal of confidence.

  • Monitor your Child’s Progress

This app makes it easy for parents to track their child’s progress, which is something every parent wants to keep a track of. Through each program, you can watch your child improve their reading, math, and other skills. Teachers and parents are able to communicate easily through the app, where they can share queries and concerns at any time and from anywhere.

With the SpeEdLabs app, students can get a unique learning experience powered by advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Students engage in adaptive learning methodologies through personalised learning, concise study material, and interactive videos.

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