The SpeEdLabs App: Mapping its Distinctive Features

May 18, 2022

Launching this app was primarily based on the idea of helping studentssucceed in learning and making the process fun without all of the hassles.

The SpeEdLabs App is ideal for preparing for your board exams as well as competitive exams like NEET, IIT JEE MAIN, and AIIMS with tons of practice questions. With Adaptive Practice, you are given questions that are tailored to your overall requirements so that you can reach your unique learning targets. The SpeEdLabs App will help you prepare for exams with its distinctive features in the easiest way possible, whether you need to polish weak areas or develop test strategies.

Let us explore some of the Distinctive Features of the SpeEdLabs App:


On the SpeEdLabs App, you will find the “Test” feature, which enables students to participate in Personalised Self-Tests.

  1.     Select the Subject you want to give the test
  2.     Choose the Difficulty Level (Easy/Medium/Hard).
  3.     Then select the Topic/Chapter you want to give the test
  4.     You can set the Duration of the selected test (30m/45m/1hr/1 hr 30 m/2 hr/3 hr).
  5.     The most interesting part is that you can choose the No. of Questions you want to answer.
  6.       Lastly, give your test a name of your preference.


The “Accuracy Boosters” feature on the app will help you with the individualised performance accuracy of all the tests you have participated in.

  1. After clicking the Accuracy Booster feature, the history of all the Previous Subject-Wise Tests you have participated in will be available.
  2.  Select any one Subject you want to check your accuracy in.
  3. You will get a Detailed Report where you will find, how many tests and specific questions you were accurate and your level of accuracy and how many you still need revision and concept clarity.



The “Live Class” feature on the SpeEdLabs App has Live Practice Sessions, where students and teachers get a chance to interact directly and clear doubts.

  1.     After clicking the Live Class feature, on the top you will get to see all the Subject Names (Science/Maths/Social Science/Hindi/English) and Mental Abilities.
  2.     Beneath that you will find three categories; Available, Scheduled and Completed.
  3.     You will get to see the Live Classes, which are ongoing under Available.
  4.     You can schedule the ongoing classes according to your convenience.
  5. Lastly, you can have a look at the classes, which you have already attended under Completed. 



The “Concept Builder” feature is specially inbuilt to understand one’s level of clarity in concepts and guide them extensively with videos and hacks.

  1. If you take a glance below at the App, you will find this extraordinary feature.
  2. Once you select this feature, you will get to see two categories; Subjects and Chapters.
  3. Select the Subject first in which you think you need concept building from the experts.
  4. Choose the specific Chapter in which you want concept clarity.

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