The SpeEdLabs App: How does it help in Quality Learning at your own pace?

October 31, 2022

With Mobile Learning Apps such as SpeEdLabs’, students gain access to interactive learning as well as a less boring learning experience, which attracts them to their studies and boosts their efficiency.

In today’s computer-savvy environment, educational institutions, schools, and other educational organizations are leveraging smart digital solutions. In many schools, computers and tablets are used in the classroom, and students are assigned homework using Educational Apps. The convenience of having everything readily available makes mobile applications so popular. 


Despite the popularity of technology-based learning in K-12 education, are students benefiting from it?


The SpeEdLabs App can teach students any new skill or concept with relative ease, making it one of the most revolutionary learning apps of all time. It is possible to add a lot of value and enhance the productivity of the learning process through this app. The use of the SpeEdLabs App not only makes the process more interactive but also makes it less boring, which attracts students and boosts their efficiency all at once. 


How does the SpeEdLabs App help in Quality Learning at your own pace?


SpeEdLabs allows you to learn at your own pace without having to follow a schedule or curriculum. In addition, students can access their lessons on tablets and laptops as long as they have internet access to download the App (which is free). Students gain greater flexibility when choosing their time and place for studying, rather than being restricted by classroom hours or location (such as home vs. school). 


The following are some of how the app contributes to the education industry:


  • Children learn in a variety of ways. Depending on the learner, some are visual learners and others rely on auditory cues. Apps can appeal to a wide range of students. The children can also learn at their own pace rather than following the teacher’s pace. It encourages students to value independent study when they have the opportunity to learn without the direct influence of a teacher.
  • Learning online allows students to study whenever and wherever they want. Resources and study materials are available to students at all times. Thus, students can learn at their own pace. Online courses are convenient for rural students, as they do not require them to move or travel to another location to complete their education. This type of educational application allows teachers and institutions to interact with students from all over the world.
  • The popularity of educational apps among children cannot be denied. Despite the difficulty teachers have in motivating students to use computers, with the SpeEdLabs App they rarely have difficulty getting them to pay attention during a classroom lesson. Students may not always be interested in a lecture, but an app may make them curious about a particular subject. The use of this App promotes students’ interest in topics that may otherwise be ignored.
  • Live-streaming lectures from teachers & professionals are nowadays available on almost every learning App. Using advanced technology like the one in this App, students can also benefit from real-time doubt-solving. It gives them a chance to experience fine and quality teaching at their convenience.


Currently, online education has emerged as a significant industry that requires an App interface due to the growing acceptance of technology-mediated activities globally. 


With the accessibility of any content from anywhere and at any time, the learning process becomes simple and convenient. We live in an age when mobile phones offer rapid access to information. A proliferation of smart gadgets has thus sparked a revolution in online learning Apps.


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