SpeEdLabs’ Group Study Feature: Makes Learning Enjoyable

October 3, 2022

There are many e-learning applications available in the Play Store, but choosing the right one for your child can make a big difference in how they see learning. Educational apps make learning easier for children. Children often find books to be tiring and boring, while colourful pages and moving animations can make learning enjoyable.

Researchers are constantly developing new techniques to impart knowledge. Introducing students to innovative activities that engage them in learning is one aspect of this approach. We need to make students focus on subject-oriented studies.


Mention may be made of one such popular hybrid-learning app SpeEdLabs, which is a free learning tool for students for studying in groups. Let us see below how knowledge is conveyed in a more fun and extensive way. 


When you can Study Together, Why Learn Alone?


While studying, you are bound to come across some group work at some point. This means that you need to have the ability to work together. Communicating with your peers can be difficult at times, but having the right tools when dealing with group work will help a great deal.


Usually, students who study in groups learn faster than those who study alone. If you do not understand a concept, you can ask your group members questions that will clarify it. If someone clarifies your confusion, you save the time you would have spent trying to figure out difficult concepts. When you are part of a study group, you can observe different types of study methods. Adding new study methods from your group study members may enable you to enhance your skills.


Whether you meet with your group in the classroom or communicate via digital means, we have gathered here one such amazing tool that can assist you in your group studies. SpeEdLabs is that one platform where you can join in groups, discuss your problems, work on them and ace your exams relentlessly.


With the SpeEdLabs App, students and teachers can create, construct, share and discover learning resources. By creating study groups, students can learn from each other’s ideas and collaborate on projects. Students can create free study groups to discuss the lessons taught. 


With the app, students get access to an easy-to-use set of features that makes their learning process more efficient. Using the SpeEdLabs app, you can also engage in live classes and even work on a problem together.


What are the benefits of this feature?


  • Gaining a deeper and clearer understanding of the subject
  • Improving your grades and performance
  • Experiencing teamwork
  • Increasing your ability to solve problems
  • Encouraging and inspiring one another
  • Keeping your responsibilities in check
  • Providing a break from studying alone
  • Creating an enjoyable learning environment through interaction 

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