SpeEdLabs App: The All-New Concept-Based Learning Approach

September 12, 2022

A concept-based learning approach focuses on helping children understand the underlying concepts rather than simply presenting them with information. It is more important to help children understand and retain what they are taught instead of forcing them to memorize.

What is Concept-Based Learning?


A concept-based approach focuses on “big ideas” rather than subject-specific content. With concept-based learning, students consider how they will apply their understanding in the real world, giving their content knowledge and skills benefit. The development of critical thinking skills is essential to the 21st-century student’s ability to solve problems creatively.


Students need to be able to apply their knowledge in their current situation. Hence, conceptual learning is the road to fruitful education. Conceptual learning is about allowing students to use what is important or what they have already experienced to better understand new concepts.


The use of concept-based learning in education:

  • Establishes connections with students’ prior experiences.
  • Makes learning relevant for students.
  • Enhances the understanding of content knowledge.
  • Students are prompted to respond to their learning by taking action.


Advantages of Concept-Based Learning


Concept-based learning enables students to make progress in their self-study by:

  • Learning to understand, not to remember.
  • Dynamically systematising learning.
  • Focusing on the outcome of the learning process.
  • Analysing new data with earlier knowledge.


How Does the SpeEdLabs App Encourage Concept-Based Learning?


With SpeEdLabs, you can get a unique learning experience powered by advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Students engage in concept-based learning through a personalized learning environment, adaptive learning, concise study material, and interactive videos.


The SpeEdLabs App encourages concept-based learning through:

  • Live Classes by experts to convey knowledge with 100% concept clarity.
  • Unlimited Mock Tests to analyse the knowledge gap.
  • Authentic High-Quality Concept Builder Video for detailed learning.
  • Interactive Doubt Clearing Sessions for a clearer understanding.


Today, SpeEdLabs is considered to be one of the most trusted and well-known learning apps available for students. It has also become one of the most popular online learning apps in India. It was created to help students improve their online classroom learning experience and make learning fun with the SpeEdLabs App.


The Concept-Builder Feature


The “Concept Builder” Feature on the SpeEdLabs App has subject-based videos, which will be accessible to you after you select the specific chapter in which you think your concept is weak and needs to be clarified. The feature allows one to understand their level of conceptual clarity and guides them intensively using videos and hacks. By using this feature on the SpeEdLabs App, candidates can analyse their weakest areas and devote more time to them. By doing this, they will be able to overcome their fear of weakness and gain a great deal of confidence.


You can clear your concepts anytime and anywhere at your own pace with the Concept-Builder Video Lessons on the app after getting performance reports of your previous practice tests. It will be easier for you to understand each concept thoroughly once you have a deeper understanding of the available video explanations. 


Every day thousands of students use the SpeEdLabs App, especially for its concept-based learning approach, which makes it one of the most loved learning apps in India. Students use this App to resolve numerous problems and get 100% concept clarity and guidance.


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