SpeEdLabs App: The 24×7 Doubt Solving Guide

May 16, 2022

Are you preparing for the upcoming competitive exams like IIT-JEE or NEET?Are there any doubts in your mind while studying? Let us see how the SpeEdLabs App is useful for doubt solving during your preparation.


SpeEdLabs is an effective and renowned online learning app designed for students of CBSE, State Board, and ICSE. The SpeEdLabs App helps the students prepare for exams by providing high-quality video lectures, personalised practice test papers, previous year’s papers, and mock tests. 


The SpeEdLabs Learning Application is well known for its immediate doubt-solving feature. It enables you to ask real-time questions to experts and mentors and get them answered instantly that also free of charge. Feedback is always taken from students to understand whether their questions have been answered and doubts have been resolved. With this app, users can now install it without any cost and have access to free exam hacks and videos that will help them solve questions much faster.


How Does The SpeEdLabs App Solve Doubts?


This SpeEdLabs Learning App is the largest online learning platform, unifying students, teachers, and parents. This app helps students prepare for tests and solve homework problems. As students connect with their peers, they develop their skills, from math to science and beyond.


The SpeEdLabs App 

  • The “Ask Doubt” feature on the SpeEdLabs App helps in resolving each doubt related to Math and Science, based on chapters.
  • In the app, there will be two categories; ‘Subjects’ and ‘Chapters’, from which you will need to select the subject first and then the chapter from which you are having doubts. 
  • After selecting the chapter, all you need to do is, “Upload an Image” of the doubt you are having related to any particular topic or numerical and instantly the mentors will get back to you with the appropriate solutions.
  • There is also an easy availability in the SpeEdLabs App, where you can check if there are any “Pending Doubts” to be cleared by the mentors and you can check your previous doubt history.
  • The unique feature of this app is that you can also “Bookmark Doubts” if you think you need to go through them before the final exams or for revision.


Through the SpeEdLabs App, students are provided immediate one-on-one assistance, making concept learning more individualized and inclusive. It will clear your doubts; answer all your questions right on the spot, faster than ever, regardless of whether your exams are a month or a day away.


SpeEdLabs App: The one-stop solution to all your doubts!

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