SpeEdLabs App Promotes Active Self-Learning

January 16, 2023

Some people still have questions about self-learning, such as “What are the advantages of self-learning,” “Does self-learning work?” and “What is its significance?” In order to provide you a good sense of how to start self-learning with the help of the SpeEdLabs App and increase the learning effect for both today’s learners and those of tomorrow, we’ve tried to sum up all of this in this blog post.

The ability for students to self-direct their own learning is a wonderful creation of nature. Learning is fundamental for almost all students, thus they prefer to learn on their own by seeing, engaging in, and asking questions. If given the chance to flourish, their inner desire to learn will function at its best. 

The advantages of self-paced learning in the SpeEdLabs App make sure that learners are prepared to follow their passions and find their callings, as well as to train up to do the important work of taking part in democracy. The minimal requirement is that educational institutions incorporate self-paced learning into their curriculum, highlight its strengths, and note its weaknesses.

Benefits of Self-Learning with the SpeEdLabs App

  1. Students Learn at their Own Pace

Self-study through the SpeEdLabs App allows students to learn at their own speed while concentrating more on topics that interest them or that they already understand. This lessens any dissatisfaction, anxiety, or boredom that students can have in the classroom.

  1.   Promotes Ownership of Learning

Children who take full responsibility for their education can gain a wide range of information for themselves.

They start to master themselves. Students decide what to do, when to do it, how long to study for, and whether or not to retake a course. Students who learn for themselves gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence that aids them in handling all life’s potential challenges.

They constantly have a quest for information and engage in deeper research to increase their understanding. This is due to the efficiency of self-paced learning, which enables individuals to build resilience and total immunity as they get ready for their future objectives.

  1.   Different Learning Models are Available

There are numerous learning models available to students. They can choose from Live Classes, e-books, recorded video lectures, webinars, and YouTube videos, among other sources. The majority of these are included in online learning tools, including self-learning via practice tests, PDFs, assignments, etc. All of these models are available in the SpeEdLabs app for free so that students never feel bored while self-studying.

  1.   Engaging Mobile Learning Experience

Today, mobile learning is very popular. Institutions of higher education now use learning apps as instructional aids. Students use their mobile devices to engage in social and content interactions while self-learning in a variety of scenarios. They are most energised while learning in this way using their preferred tools.

  1. Enhances Students’ Ability to Learn

Self-learners benefit from effective learning because they apply what they have learned by participating in it. This has more to do with an inner awareness that compels individuals to demonstrate greater responsibility by switching topics.

Students begin to relate their learning to real-world situations, which helps it stick in their memories for the rest of their lives. In summary, self-learners are very committed to their work because they learn how to follow a plan through to completion.

How can the SpeEdLabs App help in Self-Learning?

The SpeEdLabs App simulates a more interesting environment for self-learning, which improves student engagement and self-reflection in the present. It includes pre-made online tests and quizzes with a simple monitoring option for students to monitor their progression to the following level.

With learning analytics tools, students have immediate access to study materials. Because of the logically created personalised dashboards that let students view their performance reports on the recent, past, and upcoming course developments as well as the assignments due.

Key features of the SpeEdLabs App:

  •         Self-learning tools that are intuitive and easy to use
  •         Learn from anywhere/everywhere with the  mobile app
  •         Direct learning approaches for online programmes that are self-paced and blended
  •         Dashboards that are personalised to students and have a thorough course-level progress tracker.

·         The learning experience used to measure students’ progress toward their goals throughout the course.

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