Solving Train Collision Problems with the SpeEdLabs App

June 27, 2022

This blog will guide you in solving problems associated with ‘Trains’ which is one of the most important topics of Time, Speed, and Distance.

In board exams as well as competitive exams, Train Problem Questions are very common, and various questions are asked about Trains. The concept of Time, Speed, and Distance is used to solve questions related to Trains, so we use the formulas of Time, Speed, and Distance to answer questions related to Trains.

Points to be Noted:

  • If two Trains travel in the same direction, then their Relative Speed will be the difference between the two  speeds.
  • If two Trains move in opposite directions, then their Relative Speed will equal the sum of their individual speeds.
  • As mentioned above, the total distance is the sum of the lengths of both the Trains.


Now let us try to answer a question and understand:

Problem 1: Train A takes 5 hours and Train B takes 6 hours to cover the total length of a track. At what time will they collide if they start at opposite ends of the same track simultaneously?

Solution: Let the total length of the train be 30x

Then the speed of Train A is Distance/Time=30x/5=6x

Similarly, the speed of Train B is Distance/Time=30x/6=5x

Relative Speed= 6x+5x=11x

Thus, the time taken for them to collide is 30x/11x=30/11 hours. (Approx. 2 hours 43 min)


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