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June 2, 2022

In this blog, we will discuss how the SpeEdLabs App can be used to understand important concepts, shortcuts, examples, and formulas related to Speed, Time and Distance. Understanding the concepts behind Speed, Time and Distance Formulas makes them easier to remember. Read this blog carefully.

The concept of Speed, Time and Distance is one of the most important topics in Mathematics for Boards as well as Competitive Examinations. There are an array of questions referring to Speed, Time, and Distance: motion in a straight line, relative and circular motion, boats, races, clocks, and many others.

Speed, Time and Distance: Definition

Speed is the rate at which an object moves from one location to another within a given period. Time refers to how long it takes to cover a certain distance in hours, minutes, or seconds. Distance is the length of a path that is covered by an object or person.


Relationship between Speed, Time and Distance

Speed is defined as the rate of covering the given distance or distance covered per unit time when Distance ‘d’ is covered in a Time duration ‘t’, with the average speed ‘s’.

  • When two bodies move at the same speed, the distances they cover are (directly) proportional to the travel time, when s is constant.
  • When two bodies travel at the same speed for the same length of time, their distances are (directly) proportional to their speeds, when t is constant.
  • When two bodies travel the same distance, the time they take is inversely proportional to the speed, when d is constant.


Therefore, the formula for Speed, Time and Distance is: 

Speed = Distance/Time

This means,

  1. Distance = Speed x Time
  2. Time = Distance / Speed

Speed, Time and Distance: Units

There are different units of Speed, Time and Distance:

  •       Speed: m/s, km/hr
  •       Time: seconds(s), minutes (min), hours (hr)
  •       Distance: meter (m), kilometer (km), miles, feet

Build Your Concept with the SpeEdLabs App

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