Regular Practice vs AI-Enabled Practice

July 18, 2022

The latest technology has made the world develop exponentially, while at the same time causing a significant shift in education. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we are reinventing the traditional educational tools and changing the face of conventional education. Together, technology and education are bringing about a reform that is changing the role of educators.


Regular Practice allows you to keep track of your progress, which makes studying more manageable whereas AI-enabled Practice, like that in the SpeEdLabs App, not only helps in tracking your progress but it also gives you a full performance analysis report along with Global Accuracy. SpeEdLabs as an AI-Adaptive Practice Platform makes sure that the renowned experts from all across India as well as you fulfil all your learning needs progressively keep getting better with our AI-enabled practice sessions.


As AI is mainly integrating with educational tools that help develop skills and testing systems, it is leaving a progressive mark on the industry as mentors and students alike benefit from the results. Technology and Artificial Intelligence are coming together to serve as a solution to education, and eventually, this educational solution will form the spine of a new education system that will stimulate new career paths and maximize professional growth. 

Regular Practice VS AI Enabled Practice

Regular Practice AI-Enabled Practice
A regular standardized practice test usually takes us several hours to complete. An AI-enabled practice test is time bound and usually completed within a shorter period. 
Practising for a regular test enables you as an individual to learn what you did not know in a brief. Practising for an AI-enabled test provides you with a detailed analysis that helps you to identify your knowledge gaps.
With regular practice, you will remember important information for a certain period. In AI-enabled practice, using notepapers and flashcards makes it easier for a student to recall crucial information during an examination.
Regular practice questions are the same for all, which will not help them in identifying various question types. AI-enabled practice questions are personalised and set-based which makes them an efficient choice for students.

The SpeEdLabs AI-Enabled Practice App: Benefits

Every student learns at his or her own pace. With AI-based learning, each student can find the pace that best suits him. Each student can receive a unique course based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. Regular Practice includes questions that can be super lengthy and easily predictable and are not catered as per the students’ needs. Whereas platforms based on Artificial Intelligence, like the SpeEdLabs App, are transforming education through improved efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning with adaptive practice. 

Let us look into some of the benefits of the SpeEdLabs AI-Enabled Practice App:


  • You can practice AI-enabled tests at your own pace.
  • Practising tests is easy as you can choose the topics and chapters.
  • The AI-enabled tests prepare you for future competitive exams.
  • Your practice tests are monitored continuously.
  • The tests are based on each student’s learning capacity.
  • Every student receives personal attention from the mentors.

AI-Adaptive learning platforms, such as SpeEdLabs, can be a great way for schools to incorporate testing and learning so that their students can be ready for the far-reaching changes in the next generation of education. Both regular practice and AI-Enabled practice have their benefits. However, in an evolving world like this, AI-driven practice has taken a new leap in the field of education among students.

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