Mobile App Learning Vs Traditional Classroom Lessons

May 17, 2022

As technology continues to infiltrate our daily lives, the gap between traditional classroom learning and online learning grows wider. Because of the pandemic, learners across industries are turning to online education, with schools and universities closing in the coming future.

The concept of Hybrid Learning has been around for over a decade but has gained much attention recently due to the pandemic’s unparalleled global impact. With SpeEdLabs, educators can transfer their relevant knowledge, expertise, pedagogical skill, and local trust, all while using relevant technology, at a low cost to students via both its Mobile Learning App and also the old Traditional Offline Classroom Lessons.

How Learning is conveyed via Mobile Apps?

The word E-Learning is heard a lot nowadays. A digital platform that allows you to learn without leaving your home is what we call e-learning or electronic learning. Many gadgets have been devised for e-learning, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. that can be used to study the subjects of one’s choice. The training content is typically stored in an LMS and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. There is the possibility of large groups of students learning together. Several professionals rely on learning through mobile applications for upskilling, obtaining more certificates for their resumes, or preparing for career changes.

How Learning is conveyed via Traditional Classroom Lessons?

The traditional method of classroom teaching has been used since ancient times, in which teachers used the same methods to teach students the same things. Education can only be provided if all students are present. If a student fails to attend a lecture, he or she may miss any topic that is taught during that lecture. There is a limit as to how many students a teacher can teach in a classroom. Regardless of whether they are beneficial or not, students must learn the same thing. Some may not be interested in a specific topic, but they still have to study it. A traditional education system is, therefore, based on classroom learning.

Differences between Learning Apps and Traditional Learning


What are the Advantages of Mobile Learning Apps like SpeEdLabs?

  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • The students can study anywhere, regardless of the area they live in.
  • The students can continue to communicate with their teachers and receive benefits.
  • Students can study in hazardous situations such as heavy rain, storms, physical damage, pandemics, and epidemics.
  • You can choose subjects and chapters easily.
  • Study only the necessary things and avoid unimportant topics.
  • It is much cheaper than classroom-based learning, so it is cost-effective.
  • Students save a lot of time with this method. They have more time to do other things.

Ultimately, both Traditional Classroom Learning and Mobile Learning Apps have their benefits to offer students, the winner of the battle depends solely on their personal preferences, their schedules, and their learning styles.

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