Learn-Practice-Study anywhere and anytime with the SpeEdLabs App

August 8, 2022

When conventional education setups were not in place, with low teacher-to-student ratios, such individual attention and progress tracking were not possible. Technology has enabled this personalization of learning to become a reality.

SpeEdLabs has invaded the B2C market by launching its hybrid-learning platform, SpeEdLabs – The Learning App, which enables students to learn, practice, and study anywhere and anytime. The SpeEdLabs App has grown its learner base to millions across the country and today serves a wide range of learners, including K-12 students, JEE, NEET and other competitive exam aspirants. In the SpeEdLabs Learning App, artificial intelligence and machine learning are incorporated into the education process to deliver a personalised education experience.


This App utilizes the Learn-Practice-Study pedagogy, which encourages students to learn while simultaneously tracking and evaluating their progress. Multimedia content modules are customized for different segments of learners using game-based, thematic learning approaches and hierarchical and adaptive approaches. For a holistic learning experience, students can also take advantage of live classes and recorded lectures, practice score boosters, high weightage questions, unlimited live doubt-solving sessions, and creating custom tests.


Powerful Features of the SpeEdLabs App


At every step of the learner’s journey, SpeEdLabs all-in-one Learning App enriches learning. Here are some ways to use the SpeEdLabs learning App platform:


  • All in One App: SpeEdLabs contains the entire K12 curriculum, including JEE and NEET courses. This App has learning content that aligns with multiple National and State Boards for Science, Math, English, Hindi, and Social Science, for all classes from K-12.
  • Extensive Question Bank: This Live Learning App has more than lakh questions for practice, along with an extensive library of e-books, interactive content, and accuracy boosters for self-study.
  • Video Recommendations: Get Concept Building Video recommendations to improve live online learning.
  • Explore Trendy Content: Find out what peers are studying and discover trending content.
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving: Our Live Learning App gives you unlimited access to in-class support for doubt solving.
  • Available across all Classes, Boards, and Subjects: Explore NCERT solutions, JEE and NEET question papers, and CBSE and ICSE content.
  • Different Types of Tests: Through the SpeEdLabs App, students can learn at home through homework, projects, essays, tests, or assignments. Test yourself with Mock Tests, Trending Tests, and access to JEE & NEET Previous Years Question Papers.
  • A Practice-Based Test Module: Levels of difficulty are customizable with a repository of curriculum-mapped questions library.
  • Attend Live Classes: Students can attend live classes for NEET, JEE, and CBSE/ICSE in English & Hindi to help them succeed in NEET, JEE, and CBSE/ICSE.


Through the years, SpeEdLabs has earned a reputation as an industry leader in providing digital education solutions to more than a thousand schools across India. Throughout India, the SpeEdLabs App has made a genuine impression on students, teachers and parents. Discover more by visiting the website or exploring the App on Play Store and join millions of others on a lifelong journey.


Prepare for JEE/NEET with SpeEdLabs to get into the engineering/medical college of your dreams. You can achieve your goals with the right guidance and regular practice and tests.


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