Know about the ‘REVISION’ feature on the SpeEdLabs App

June 1, 2022

Students must not only listen attentively in class but also revise what they have learned, regularly. In this blog, learn how to make full use of the “Revision” feature on the SpeEdLabs App to score excellent marks in the exam.

Students should begin revising as the exam season approaches. A revision is defined as ‘to read something again’ in the English dictionary. Before beginning with the revision process, students need to have read and understood their study material at least once. Therefore, if actions have not been taken yet regarding revision, students need to act fast since time is running out!


The importance of revision can be summed up in two ways. The first benefit is that students will be able to remember facts, figures, topics, and methodologies that they have discussed in the past. As a second benefit, it will improve their confidence and decrease anxiety, so they will be well prepared for the examination.


Let us now dig Into the ‘Revision’ Feature on the SpeEdLabs App:


Revision is usually boring. Nobody wants to spend hours staring at books all day. But on the SpeEdLabs App, the “Revision” feature is perfect for revising since it is very easy to follow the steps and simply revise the lessons. 


All that is needed for the students to do is; pick the Subject they are interested in to revise. Having selected the subject, they can choose the Topic while keeping their grade in mind. Lastly, the students will have to select the particular Chapter that they think they need to revise. 




What Makes The “Revision” Feature So Popular?

  • Students find it extremely simple and fun to use this feature.
  • Lessons do not seem to be boring and monotonous anymore.
  • Students feel at ease remembering concepts, due to clear-cut content.
  • Mentors are always there to help with any doubt during revision.
  • The revision process is time-bound and not extra lengthy.
  • The visually fascinating chapters make the students feel more drawn toward revising. 


Revision is of utmost importance. Revising can have a drastic effect on a student’s academic performance. Students can earn good grades with little exam anxiety and stress if revisions are done timely and effectively.

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