Know about the ‘LIVE CLASS’ feature on the SpeEdLabs App

June 7, 2022

Online education has helped students cope with recent difficulties as the global situation continues to change. This blog talks about one such vital feature on the SpeEdLabs App, with which students can attend live classes anytime & anywhere without any hassle.

The use of live streaming technology for online classes in particular is a very useful technology for distance learning. With video, teachers can interact with their students in real-time and have a virtual classroom experience. By recording lectures, teachers can also upload the videos to their online teaching platforms so that students can watch them if they missed a session or need to watch them again if they missed it.

With SpeEdLabs App’s “Live Class” feature, students can join Live Classes at the tap of a button. They can easily set up classrooms and attend live classes in no time. Students can communicate with teachers through live chat and teachers can collaborate with students. As the leading provider of online learning, SpeEdLabs allows teachers and students to manage all their learning through just one app without any set-up fees or installation hassles. As a result, it saves time and money.

Attributes Of SpeEdLabs’ Live Class Feature

  • Teachers for the students conduct live Classes and the classes can be recorded for their future use.
  • Teachers record lectures, provide notes and provide study materials to the students.
  • Online classroom conversations are facilitated by the teachers which improve engagement.
  • Screen sharing and whiteboards are used to teach effectively.
  • Reminders are given to students for completing assignments, MCQ tests, etc.
  • Teachers actively manage multiple coaching centres and batches.


Benefits Of SpeEdLabs’ “Live Class” Feature
1.      Makes it possible for the students to study in their comfort zones.
2.      Reduces the complexity of long-distance learning.
3.      Ensures communication and collaboration between students from different schools and locations.
4.      Enhances students’ ability to rationalize and think creatively.
5.      Lessons become easier to understand as students can visualize what they are studying.
6.      Saves time and is cost-effective.
7.      Accessible from all over the world.


SpeEdLabs aims to make learning effective for a wide range of educational establishments, start-ups, established educational establishments, or individuals who run coaching and tutoring programs. The SpeEdLabs App offers a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning through online live classes. Students can access the study materials anytime and anywhere. Recordings of these live sessions can also be used later.

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