Know about the comprehensive ‘TEST’ Feature on the SpeEdLabs App

May 31, 2022

The generations ahead will have the opportunity to learn engagingly and interactively with the help of advanced technology like the SpeEdLabs App.

In the current era of technology, educational apps play a pivotal role in transforming the education system. As a result, mobile apps are no longer only used for communication, entertainment, and gamification, but have made their way into many other sectors, including education. Education apps have become the third most popular category of mobile apps.

Many mobile apps in the market claim to offer the best features, but only a few stand out. 


Amongst all the learning apps, mention may be made of the SpeEdLabs App which not only claims to provide the students with the best features but also stands out from the rest with its authenticity and effectiveness. 


Let us know all about the “TEST” Feature on the SpeEdLabs App, which is well favoured by all the students.


Things to know about the “Test” Feature:


Would you like to test your knowledge of a particular chapter and see how many questions you can answer in a limited period? Create your tests in less than a minute and work on improving your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths.

  1. Subjects: After clicking on the “Test” feature in the SpeEdLabs App, the students will get to select the desired Subject in which they want to give the test.
  2. Difficulty Level: Unlike other app features, SpeEdLabs allows students to choose the Difficulty Level out of the three: Easy, Medium and Hard, before sitting for the test. 
  3. Topics & Chapters: Without choosing the Topics and Chapters, the students will not be able to participate in the test. After selecting the topic as per their grade, they should think carefully before selecting the chapters, keeping their preparation in mind.
  4. Duration: This is so far the most fundamental step before starting with the test. It all depends on the students within what period they can manage to complete answering a particular set of questions. 
  5. No. Of Questions: Now comes another important part where the students will have to mention the number of questions they are willing to answer. Depending on the time duration, they have chosen in the previous step, they need to choose the number of questions.
  6. Test Name: Lastly, the students need to think of an appropriate name for the selected test and create the test. You will get questions based on the time duration and the number of questions you selected.  


The above-mentioned feature of the SpeEdLabs App is sure to encourage learners from all across the country to use it for better learning prospects.


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