How Students would benefit from the SpeEdLabs Physics App

June 20, 2022

SpeEdLabs offers an App that makes learning Physics as enjoyable and motivating as possible for all students who want to learn it, but are unable to due to a variety of reasons. We strive to make learning Physics easy for everyone, especially for those who cannot afford to pay for a tutor or commercial Apps.

In general, Physics is an extremely useful subject, and the principles governing it can be found at work at any moment, whether it is a person driving a car, lifting something heavy, or staying warm in winter. The laws of Physics govern all of these things. The students will learn about gravity, electricity, magnets, gears, and many other interesting topics in Physics. Students today have access to Apps like SpeEdLabs on their smartphones and tablets that teach concepts of Physics such as inertia, gravitation, and others.

Besides Math, Physics is one of the more difficult subjects for CBSE students in classes 10 to 12. Physics is a subject that contains many theories as well as several branches that are extremely difficult for students. Nowadays we find several Apps for Physics that are designed to encourage students at various levels to learn the subject systematically and to understand it better. The SpeEdLabs App is committed to identifying and utilizing the most effective teaching and learning methods and pedagogies to help students retain motivation and solve their Physics learning problems.

Benefits of the SpeEdLabs Physics App

SpeEdLabs is a leading online education App that provides students with a wide range of learning skills and various techniques that enable them to succeed in competitive examinations. A free educational App provides easy-to-understand explanations for most fundamentals of Physics. This Physics App is the perfect guide for you, whether you are looking to refresh your knowledge, prepare for an exam, or just brush up on the fundamentals of Physics. In addition, it provides students with formulas, equations, and images that help them with their Physics homework assignments.

Ø  The SpeEdLabs Physics App is notable for practical themes throughout the content.
Ø  The App provides students with engaging video lessons from some of India’s best trainers.
Ø  Additionally, this App has Personalised and Chapter-Wise tests with detailed feedback and insights.
Ø  The SpeEdLabs App allows learners to compete with one another based on their progress on practice tests.
Ø  This App also includes Physics quizzes for students to test their knowledge about Physics and know where they stand.
Ø  In case you need some quick information on some Physics theories, this App can help you with the information you need without wasting time.
Ø  With SpeEdLabs’ simple interface, users find it easy to navigate and locate the information they need.
Ø  With this App, you can learn anywhere and at any time.


In the SpeEdLabs Physics App, you will be able to explore a wide range of topics through Chapter-Wise Video Solutions. The App includes topics such as Kinematics, Vectors and Scalars, Force, Energy, Circular Motion, Heat Energy and Thermodynamics, Waves, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern Physics etc.

The App aims to help you become good at Physics by preparing you well. You can download the SpeEdLabs App free and use all of its features.

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