How Does the SpeEdLabs App Help in Last Minute Exam Preparation

April 30, 2022

Today, each one of us possesses a smartphone, so, why rely on the traditional methods of studying? With technology present in all areas of life, why not integrate it into education?


It is time for that time of the year again, time for EXAMS! You wake up and realize you still have a couple of days before your exam. You feel overwhelmed by fears of not passing the test. As the night before your exam approaches, you find yourself stressed out about last-minute revision. Which topic should you revise? How do you get started? Should I make a list? Sometimes, in all this confusion, we overlook one of humankind’s greatest inventions and that is TECHNOLOGY.


In the coming months, a large number of students will sit for the board exams for classes 10th and 12. For clarity during revisions, students need the right guidance and support. Those are the times when platforms such as the SpeEdLabs App can help resolve all the doubts. 

Here are the tips students can use to make the most of the SpeEdLabs App for last-minute revision:


  1. Accurate Learning Material: When students are revising, they may become aware of learning gaps in a particular topic. As a result, they may seek out genuine learning resources. Students can access the top-quality Video Solutions on the SpeEdLabs App in such cases. They just have to select the subject. Then, they will have access to the Video Solutions of topics related to that subject. The resources on this site are proven authentic.
  2. Comprehensive Practice Series: There is no point in studying unless you have practiced personalised practice questions thoroughly. Through practice, students can understand concepts more deeply as well as improve their retention capacity. The Practice test feature helps you prepare for exams such as the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as well as Olympiad exams. Students can access those questions and strengthen their conceptual understanding.
  3. Concept Building Feature: After accessing the Practice Test, if any student fails to come up with accurate concept clarity, there is a special feature on the SpeEdLabs App, which helps the student get instant Concept Clarity based on the particular subject and chapter through video solutions. This specific feature can help the students boost their confidence and feel less restless before the last few days of the exam.
  4. Round-the-Clock Mentor Guidance: While studying, students often become restless and impatient. If their questions are not answered immediately, they become frustrated. When revising for the exam, it is natural to get doubts. Therefore, students need to resolve their doubts as soon as possible. A student with a question can reach out to a mentor within a minute through the SpeEdLabs App’s Ask Doubts feature. Mentors provide clear answers to all the questions students have and help them understand.


The SpeEdLabs App is sure to have a lasting impact on a student’s academic performance if used regularly. The platform has been used to resolve millions of doubts and remains a popular destination for students during revision days for doubt support and uninterrupted learning.

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