How does Artificial Intelligence Facilitate the SpeEdLabs App?

October 10, 2022

There is always a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence in education. The concept of Artificial Intelligence has divided opinion; some claim that it will dominate education to the detriment of students and teachers, while others claim it will revolutionise education and enhance it. Here we will discuss how Artificial Intelligence facilitates India’s only Personalised Practice Platform, the SpeEdLabs App

This generation has grown up with the privilege of having access to technology at their fingertips, and as a result, education has been massively transformed and revolutionised. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that has slowly made its way into the world of education. With Artificial Intelligence set to take over any sector dealing with large amounts of data, why should education be left out? Academics are traditionally seen as more human-centred than most other sectors, but that does not mean AI is not involved here. It is still possible for teachers and educational staff to benefit from using this technology in a variety of ways.


As technology has revolutionised the world of learning, study materials are now available to all with smart devices and computers, and all complicated administrative tasks can now be automated, allowing faculty to spend more time teaching. The SpeEdLabs App is a smart learning platform that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning to ensure personalised learning for each student. The AI-based practice platform is built to enhance foundational concept-based learning by using a blend of modern teaching techniques, technically – calibrated practice sessions & most of all – a personalised approach.


Let us learn how Artificial Intelligence facilitates the SpeEdLabs App:


  • Personalised Practice & Self Revision 
  • Personalised Practice for every student according to their skill level
  • Mind mapping of students through personalised Revisions & Tests
  • Unique and Adaptive Practice System


  • Superior Study Material
  • Concept-wise Text with all important points highlighted
  • Deep resources for Test Series & Revision Papers
  • Previous Year & Mock Question Papers for competitions (JEE/NEET)


  • Detailed Analysis of Practice & Revision
  • Each practice session is evaluated & analysed
  • Weak areas and conceptual gaps are noted and reported
  • Annual progress is evaluated


  • Interactive Approach to Self Study
  • Self-study is highly encouraged within the app
  • Access to doubt-clearing & mentor guidance sessions through LIVE classes
  • Gamification features have also been added to the App


  • Parents Can Track Students Easily 
  • Performance plans are generated for each student
  • Parents can track their child’s practice hours and progress
  • Parents can interact with the teachers if they find an area of concern


A few years from now, we can expect that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are going to be an integral part of every educational experience. It remains to be seen how AI will empower and enhance overall learning outcomes across a wide range of educational areas.

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