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July 12, 2021

We can see education progressing towards a better phase as technology advances.

With an increasing number of students owning smartphones and laptop computers, education has become more affordable and accessible for students, allowing them to learn at their own pace. SpeEdlabs App is one such example.

The SpeEdLabs App is the most popular and preferred Learning App among students from Classes 6 to 12. For CBSE and ICSE students, the App provides highly adaptive, engaging, and effective personalised learning.

Programmes in the App provide students with a comprehensive, personalised learning experience that is tailored to their learning style. Adaptive tests, detailed lessons, and round-the-clock support are game-changers.

Features of the App

  1. Live Class

Students can attend Live Classes through the App and learn from a location comfortable to them. It helps them to understand the syllabus and cover all the concepts in detail.

  1. Engaging Video Lessons

Videos aid students in visualising and comprehending each concept. Higher scores are associated with clearer concepts.

  1. Personalized progress reports

Every student has a Knowledge Graph that is tailored to their specific learning needs and pace. This allows students to connect various concepts and assess their strengths and areas of strength and improvement.

  1. Group Study

The Group Study feature will prove to be highly beneficial as members of a study group accelerate their learning by talking through their subjects, quizzing one another, and comparing notes.

  1. Practice Session and Tests

A well-adaptive practice environment that caters to the learning needs as per the latest syllabus of Competitive Exams and Boards such as CBSE and ICSE. In a practise session, lesson prompts are provided to correct mistakes, allowing for long-term learning. Students can also take adaptive, interactive tests to help them fully understand each chapter.

  1. Concept and Accuracy Boosters

Extensive concept boosting through videos and notes for each topic. Accuracy Boosternis one of the unique features of the App as it helps students to improve their speed and understanding of each concept, which in turn accelerates their accuracy.

All the above features have been designed to create an engaging learning experience for the students.

Benefits of the SpeEdLabs App

  1. Group Study options
  2. Detailed Performance Analysis
  3. Study at your own pace
  4. Chapter-wise Question Bank
  5. Personalized Study Planning
  6. Accuracy and Time Mapping

The majority of today’s generation’s time is spent on mobile devices. They enjoy using mobile Apps for shopping, entertainment, games, and educational purposes. Other statistics suggest that the majority of students despise studying. However, if they use the SpeEdLabs App to make boring activities change into an interactive experience, they will enjoy studying. According to another survey, Learning Apps assist students in increasing their interest in their studies.

Learning Apps also help parents and teachers communicate more effectively. Further, in both school and tuition classes, there are time limits for studying. A student can study at a specific school and during a specific time slot for tuition, and they must clear their doubts during that time. The SpeEdLabs App for students clears doubts at any time and from anywhere.

The SpeEdLabs App has been designed for the sole purpose of making learning convenient, easy, less stressful and personalised!

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