Are Learning Apps Helping or Hurting Education?

May 8, 2022

We all are living in the age of digitization. Everything around us is technology-driven, including Education. We saw the digitisation of Education, especially in the times of Covid-19. Various Ed-Tech platforms and Apps were blooming. 


Education Apps are a common phenomenon now. But, still many people are skeptical about using them. Therefore, in this blog, we might help you with the doubts in your mind about using Education Apps like SpeEdLabs. We are moving ahead with the establishment that Learning Apps are not hurting but helping education, let’s figure out how:


Aid Academic Performance of Students


When using the SpeEdLabs App the students have all the options to prepare well for the exams like- revision, accuracy boosters, tests, concept videos and much more.


Engagement and Motivation


There is no denying that educational apps are popular among children. They are both stimulating and entertaining. While teachers may struggle to get students to pay attention in class, they rarely struggle to get students to use a computer. While students may not always be interested in a lecture, they may become interested in a particular subject because of SpeEdLabs and the interesting videos available on using education apps can help students become more interested in subjects they might otherwise ignore.


Preparation and Planning


Computers will be required in almost every profession. Using educational apps like SpeEdLabs helps children become more comfortable with technology. Many of the skills required to use apps are also required to perform daily tasks and certain job functions. Furthermore, children who do not have access to computers at home can learn about technology at school.


Individualised Education


It is no secret that children learn in a variety of ways. Some people learn more visually, while others rely on auditory cues or other senses. SpeEdLabs App can appeal to a wide range of students. Furthermore, rather than having to keep up with the teacher’s pace of instruction, children can work at their own pace. Having the opportunity to learn without direct influence from a teacher encourages students to value independent study.


Helping Teachers


Anything that helps a teacher also helps students. Technology not only helps teachers with grading and organisation, but it also helps teachers educate their students. Apps can serve as built-in lessons and assist teachers in tracking a student’s progress. Furthermore, the right app can supplement a teacher’s lesson by providing a new perspective on a subject.


Save the Trees


The number of trees required for school worksheets and books could fill an entire forest. Using educational technology reduces the need for paper, writing utensils, and other school supplies. There is some validity to the argument that computers consume a lot of energy and that improper disposal of computers can harm the environment, but using education apps helps protect trees.


Learning Barriers In Special Education Can Be Removed


Technology may provide children with disabilities with opportunities to learn that they would not have had in a traditional classroom setting. Some apps help dyslexic children read and autistic children develop social skills. For instance- In the SpeEdLabs app there is also a feature of group study, which can be used by special needs children to group with other children. Individual progress, free of public scrutiny, is critical for students who are accustomed to being judged.


Now, you are well aware of the advantages of using Education Apps. So, what are you waiting for? Go try the SpeEdLabs App now!

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