All about the “Group Study” Feature on the SpeEdLabs App

July 11, 2022

We live in a digitised world, and so is the way we study and learn collectively. In this blog, we are going to present you with one such feature on the SpeEdLabs Learning App, which will help you connect with your peers and learn together in the most fun yet effective way.

Is your homework causing you problems? Do you need assistance with your studies? Have you ever thought about studying with your friends using an exam preparation App? Join the SpeEdLabs study junction with your classmates to discuss questions on a round-the-clock basis. Organise study groups for mutual benefit. Take part in group discussions to improve your understanding of difficult topics, share notes, and ask questions for exam preparation with this App. Get the most out of the SpeEdLabs App by studying online with friends from all around the world.

Let us see how the SpeEdLabs App helps in Group Studying:

Create Groups & Learn Together Get Help with Home Study Stay Motivated Before Exams
Create study groups if you are having difficulty learning a certain topic. Participate in discussions about school homework, share notes, ask questions, and get study help for better learning. The App provides useful resources along with study tips, much needed before exams. Take home learning to the next level using one of the best study Apps. Create a group, invite people of your interest and start discussing anything from Science to Competitive Exams. Improve English, Logical Reasoning, learn how to Code, and much more. The study App helps students prepare better for exams through group discussions. Complete school assignments with the help of friends and explore study tips to get better grades. Feel much more motivated with the help and assistance from your friends.


Key Points of the “Group Study” Feature

  • Create an online study group on the SpeEdLabs App to discuss your studies or join one that already exists to share notes with your friends via a phone number or email id.
  • Stay updated with the latest exam dates and notifications and discuss assignments with your friends.
  • Prepare for the exam by asking questions to several friends studying the same subject.
  • Easily access and download study material shared in your study group in formats such as pdf, doc, xls, ppt, and many more.
  • Use bookmarks to keep track of important questions, notes, and study material for later use.

Download the SpeEdLabs App today – Make Group Studying Fun with Friends!

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