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December 30, 2021

With the increasing number of students currently possessing

smartphones and laptops, education has become more cost-effective and accessible for the learners, permitting them to learn at their own pace and as per their capability.

A lot of students who belong to Tier-2 cities in India lack the right resources and educational institutes. Even in metropolitan cities, educational institutes are so engorged and overcrowded that it’s dangerous to learn in such an ambience. In such times, when everything is simply one click away, Learning Apps in India have brought a revolutionary amendment.

Not only have they made learning simply for school students, but have also reduced the strain the parents suffered worrying about their kid’s learning.  

Why SpeEdLabs Learning App is Every Student’s Favourite App?

  • Learn from the Finest Pedagogues

Get taught from the best experts across the country, where every lesson is schooled using the foremost technology and realistic visual aids. These vivid video lectures facilitate learners to strengthen their basic ideas and learn systematically.

  • Personalized Learning Approach

All learners are distinctive and possess a tendency to study at their speed. The App understands this and creates a special learning journey for all the students. It helps them with topics that need a lot of attention.

  • Boundless Practice 

Practice tests are fun for learners with the provision of global accuracy percentage of the questions answered. The tests also look after every student’s competency and focus on weaker areas. In addition, visual solutions and suggestions help clarify doubts and learn from the mistakes.

  • Regular Interactive Sessions

The monthly performance of each student is tracked, thereby providing parents as well as the concerned learner with regular analysis and guidance. They monitor the student’s active improvement and provide valuable recommendations so that they improve and reach higher scores in the future. 

  • Concise Learning Material

The App permits students to learn anytime and any place. They have actual access to concept videos; follow modules, nationwide scholarship tests, quizzes and revision tests and study material that make learning efficient. Also, the end-to-end mapping of chapters according to the Board makes the journey simple for the students.

Special Features of The Learning App

With the App, every student can unlock and unleash their inner prodigy. It comprises the next-generation technology and content to spice up their learning outcomes. The App uses AI-based technology to provide a personalised practice platform with 20,000+ ideas & mind-maps and 150,000+ practice questions with correct concept linkages.

  • Round the clock availability of Video Lectures: You can learn or practice anytime and anyplace at your own pace; with SpeEdLabs’ 24×7 available Video Lessons and take tests with lakhs of other students. The App adapts to your needs and grows with you to assist you to reach your study goals.
  • Attend Live Classes: The App offers a unique Live Classes feature from subject experts. The schedule for live classes is made available beforehand and the App sends a notification regarding a class a few hours before.
  • Exam-Friendly Practice: With the practice sets available, every student gets an idea of the level of questions that they might face in the exams and can prepare accordingly. It builds one steadily with familiar exam patterns of the CBSE/ICSE Board as well and makes one super confident before the exams. 
  • Limitless Practice & Revision: The App has got your back with unlimited practice sessions with progress reports and necessary recommendations. 
  • Study in Group: We all have studied in groups by sitting face to face with our friends but how many of us have gotten access to a digital platform that allows studying online in a group? Our App offers group-study options to discuss problems, work on them and ace exams relentlessly. 
  • Individualised Accuracy Booster: The Application offers a comprehensive process where after practising, a student is offered an individualised practice path which will be later on scrutinized and marked for clarification (if needed), after which the evaluation and feedback will be shared by the mentor with both the parent and the student. 

Advantages of the App

  • 24×7 Availability of Lessons
  • Lessening the Gap between Teachers and Parents
  • Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Better and Effective Learning
  • Overall Performance Tracking
  • Instant Evaluation and Feedback 

How to make the best use of the App?

After installing the App from the Play Store or App Store, dive into the seamless world of knowledge and education and know why the App is loved by so many students as well as parents!

  1. Access a large variety of personal video lessons for every subject. With video explanations, one gains a deeper understanding of ideas and concepts get cleared.
  2. Practise and revise topics with standardised tests that are personalised as per a learner’s necessities. With unlimited practise tests, a student learns at their own pace and concentrate on individual strengths and key areas of improvement.
  3. Advancement in technology has helped to get rid of varied glitches that are there within the education system. One of the numerous problems is the interaction between teachers and parents. But with our App, students and parents get notified regarding any event or modification.
  4. Gain an entire understanding of advanced Math and Science to avoid less cramming and more conceptual clarity.
  5. Mobile phones are portable. Students can use Learning Apps from any setting as per their comfort. With the assistance of Apps, learning isn’t restrained to lecture rooms or homes. 

Learning Apps are the future!

While academic Apps are helpful to students, parents and teachers also get benefited. Teachers can use the App to organise their management and parents can easily track their child’s progress.

Conclusively, Learning Apps have improved self-learning, they are convenient, simple and a student’s best companion for practice and clarity!

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