A Holistic Educational App for Students, Parents & Teachers

August 1, 2022

In 2022, finding high-quality Educational Apps may seem like an impossible task, particularly when you consider there are over 500,000 available. The challenge is finding Educational Apps that enhance learning outcomes. Increasingly, students are staying at home and online learning is becoming more popular, so teachers and parents must remain connected. Apps that allow teachers to communicate with parents effectively and seamlessly emerged as the solution to this myriad of problems. All educators should adopt a parent-friendly App that fosters engagement and transparency.

Apps like the SpeEdLabs are designed with primary input from educators and curriculum developers, or they are proven effective tools in educational research. The parents who are kept up to date feel more empowered, better in control of their children’s learning and are more likely to be engaged and have better attitudes towards the learning process. Children who use education Apps are more interactive, more engaged, and perform better. To keep students engaged in their studies, it is vital to maintain the relevance of teaching methods. The SpeEdLabs App helps achieve this objective.

The SpeEdLabs App: How Does it Benefit Students, Parents and Teachers?

In today’s market, SpeEdLabs Comprehensive Learning App is one of the most popular and trusted Applications. This App was created not only for students but also for teachers and parents. Our intent with the SpeEdLabs App was to make learning in the online classroom more enjoyable for students. Here, teachers have the advantage of having up-to-date knowledge of their students’ home situations, both on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, which allows them to better understand their needs and requirements. Parents can monitor their children’s practice attempts and check their progress regularly.

  • It offers a wide variety of features for students, parents, and teachers in a single Application.
  • This App enables efficient and effective communication between teachers and students.
  • Makes it easier for parents to track and manage their children’s performance.
  • Students can access a wide range of free and valuable online resources.
  • Teachers are available round the clock to help students.

Learning Apps like SpeEdLabs are generally designed to allow personalised learning. The one tutor for one student model has become widely accepted in teaching since students receive an extraordinary amount of attention and care from the teacher. As a result, these Apps can help you to improve your performance because they provide personalized learning plans. You can keep track of your progress and weaknesses using the SpeEdLabs App.

Let us know some of the benefits of the SpeEdLabs App:

Students Parents Teachers
1.  Students can attend Live Classes anytime and anywhere with the “Live Class” feature.

2.  A student can analyse a chapter in-depth and take the chapter test using the “Practice” feature.

3.  Students can analyse their performance and their accuracy level with the Accuracy Boosters feature on the SpeEdLabs App.

1.  With the SpeEdLabs App, the parents can communicate directly with teachers about their child’s progress.

2.  The parents have real-time access to their child’s academic performance through this App.

3.  Along with the progress, parents can see how each feature helps their children in improving their skills.

1.  With App-based learning, teachers have more time to discuss lesson plans for more interactive classes.

2.  Teachers are always available to assist parents with their questions via the App anytime, anywhere.

3.  SpeEdLabs enables teachers to maximize the productivity of their students by allowing them to learn in the way they prefer.


With mobile Apps like SpeEdLabs, you can share notes with others, message teachers directly, take part in video conferencing, and even watch lectures online through your mobile device. Using them, students and teachers can easily communicate and engage in lessons without having to visit the classroom physically. It helps keep family communication and students work together in one place. Parents will embrace the benefits of SpeEdLabs as it eliminates the hassle of using multiple Apps.

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