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Student’s Knowledge Partner

One of its kind Student-Centric Practice Platform

Platform Built & Designed by Experienced Teachers

Access 5,000+ Learning Videos for Concept Clarity

Comprehensive Skill-Based & Concept-Mapped Content

Unique to Each Learner

Personalised Analytics Help Sharpen Student Efforts

Skill-Based Customised Worksheets & Revision Papers

Student-Specific Improvement Metrics & Plans

Inbuilt Mechanism to Support Learner-Paced Revision

Adaptive & Smart

Platform Enabled to Maximise Students Learning

Performance Tracker for Valuable Recommendations

Individual Effort & Improvement Tracker for Each Student

24/7, Instant Doubt Resolution & Mentor Access

Easy to Use

Parents & Teachers Involvement in Tracking Students Progress

Separate Parent/Teacher Dashboards for Better Monitoring

Live Practice & Group Study Sessions to Observe Growth

Peer Group Benchmarking to Bridge Learning Gaps

100,000+ Happy Students!

Every review is a story of a student’s learning experience, that help us carve a path of effective learning for them.


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FAQs for SpeEdLabs App

You can download the SpeEdLabs Application from Google Play Store.

The SpeEdLabs App is for Grades 6 to 11.

The SpeEdLabs App helps students from Classes 6 to 11 practice, analyse and revise Math, Science and other subjects through Personalised Assessment and Live Practice Sessions.


  • Round the clock availability of Video Lectures
  • Session and Progress Tracking
  • Attend Live Classes
  • Unlimited Practice & Revision
  • Group Study
  • Individualised Accuracy Booster

No, the SpeEdLabs App cannot be used on a Laptop/Desktop.

Yes, the App certainly needs an internet connection or Wi-Fi network to work.

Yes, the SpeEdLabs application is absolutely free.

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Latest Blog Posts

An information guide for students, teachers and parents to know more about the SpeEdLabs Learning App.

Importance of Practice before Exams – Do It Right with the SpeEdLabs AppSpeedLabs

Kunal nandaMay 27, 2022

Importance of Practice before Exams – Do It Right with the SpeEdLabs App

By practising tests on the SpeEdLabs App, you will be able to establish a baseline for understanding where you stand. Based on that, you can design the rest of your study schedule.

It is impossible to prepare for an exam without practising the material you are studying. To ensure the best results, you should test your knowledge. Practising Personalised Test Series or Mock Tests allows the student to see what types of questions are likely to appear on the exam. 


Many experts even say that this method of preparing can be more effective than studying for the same amount of time. Additionally, regular practising will help you to improve your score in competitive exams. 


There are plethoras of study tools available to you, ranging from eye-catching E-books to videos that may be easier to use than sitting down and taking a practice test. While those options may help you to understand the material, skipping the practice tests will leave you unprepared for the test.


How Can Students Practice Right with the SpeEdLabs App?


We all know it is a practice that brings perfection!


Designed to accommodate students’ needs, the Personalised Adaptive Practice Tests on the SpeEdLabs App lets them practice questions according to their pace. This feature assesses the students’ preparation to take the exam and focuses on strengthening their core concepts. This Practice Test feature, when combined with study materials and proper mentor guidance, makes the SpeEdLabs App a great choice for students.


Let us see how the SpeEdLabs App helps students with the right practice:

  1. Provides Good Practice: The Practice Tests on the SpeEdLabs App provide students with a lot of practice that will help them during the exam. Practising Mock Tests increases your ability to solve problems and helps you identify the subject areas that need improvement.
  2. Effective Time Management: Students can estimate the amount of time they need to devote to each subject in mock tests. Therefore, students can determine how much time they should allocate for both numerical and theoretical questions.
  3. Get Instant Feedback: In an offline test, you can only evaluate the level of your writing after you get the results. Online tests do not require patience! You get instant feedback and results. You can then determine how you should proceed with the preparation which will save a lot of your time.


Utilize the SpeEdLabs App to prepare effectively by taking practice tests. Before you sit for the real exam, it is important to take part in some practice tests. The more practice tests you take, the more confident you will be.

3 Ways to Ace and Outsmart MCQ Test with the SpeEdLabs AppSpeedLabs

Kunal nandaMay 20, 2022

3 Ways to Ace and Outsmart MCQ Test with the SpeEdLabs App

It is almost time for final exams. Learn how to ace and Read More

The SpeEdLabs App: Mapping its Distinctive FeaturesSpeedLabs

Kunal nandaMay 18, 2022

The SpeEdLabs App: Mapping its Distinctive Features

Launching this app was primarily based on the idea of Read More

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